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About Author: LeeAnn Martin made simple balloon animals for several years before becoming a Christian clown in 2006. She moved from western North Carolina to Tunisia in November, 2009 after sensing the Lord calling her to North Africa. Almost all of her clowning is voluntary, and includes refugee camps, day care centers, and schools. Even when she is not clowning around, she brings the joy and love of God. LeeAnn is currently living in Tunisia with her loving and encouraging husband. She is the mother of two wonderful children who reside in the United States, and the grandmother of one adorable granddaughter.

Do you know that feeling you get after a really great show? You know, the kind of show in which you and the audience make a connection and it just keeps getting better? Chahloula experienced that delightful feeling for the first time on April 1st, and it was no joke!

Yes, there were around twenty-five kids in a small room, on the hottest day of the year (so far), but Chahloula and the Tunisian scout troop had a wonderful afternoon! I felt completely different after this event compared to how I felt after the last one. 

I sensed that it went well, and I had friends there who gave me some excellent feedback about the event. Seeing the pictures that were taken also helped to solidify the feeling that the show went well. The kids were very responsive and attentive.

I noticed one boy at the beginning sitting with his arms crossed and not really happy to be there. I was thrilled to see that by the middle of the show, he was laughing, participating, and enjoying the party.

I returned playing 'dress-up' to the show. Instead of just bringing out the hats, noses, and glasses, it is more of a routine now. I juggle scarves and then ask for a volunteer. She thinks she will simply try juggling, but, to everyone's surprise, I bring out a clown nose, then funny glasses, and finally a hat. After they are dressed for juggling, they get to try it! After a couple volunteers try juggling, I do some plate spinning and have volunteers get dressed-up for that. They really loved when I brought out the big ears!

Almost all of the routines I do involve volunteers. It is a very interactive show. The audience even responded to the hairdresser routine when I 'cut-off' the girl's braid!

I was getting ready to reattach the braid with glue. I particularly enjoy the moments of eye contact with individuals during the show.


I was so pleased to see that Chahloula was not the only one who had a memorable afternoon.

Besides, it just wouldn't be right for the clown to be the only one walking away from the show feeling good.



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