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My name is Aneya Marie and I am a Brooklyn based performance artist. I have been performing for over a decade producing and touring shows. My main passions are in Mime and Circus performance. I am a part time stilt walker, children's party entertainer, circus, ballet and gymnastics teacher.

Along with being a performance artist I am an artistic activist. I find myself donating a lot of my time using my talents to serve others in my community. I have volunteered my mime character at children hospitals and brain trauma centers to help bring a smile to someone who deserves a little laughter in their lives. I take part in fundraiser shows for organizations such as Planned Parenthood, local art festivals, and church charities. I also work with kids will special needs putting on shows, performing for them or giving classes on circus/movement theatre.

I have been thinking recently of how to extend my activism outside of my local community and more on a world wide scale, thinking of how I can make more of an impact for people outside of America. What is a political stance I could make for those who have been shunned by nations. A political and social issue that has hit my heart, that has been ongoing for years, is the Syrian war crisis and more specifically correlated with The resettlement crisis.  

After researching and understanding the effects of war which has caused over 2 million to be displaced I had begun to make my effort to change using small monetary donations to multiple organizations that provided Syrians relief. But I've alwayed know its not enough and I know that my time would be more important to this cause then any donation I can make behind a computer/phone screen. 

With that being said an exciting opportunity became available to me this summer. I am joining a social circus program known as CircusAid.

Click this link: What is CircusAid ?

CircusAid is a circus relief effort that sends volunteers into areas with a high influx of refugees camps. This summer I will be traveling to Athens Greece to provide and assist up to 6 refugee camps. The social aid that I will be providing to refugees will use my skill sets as a circus performer to provide workshops, day camps, presentations, and performance art. 

To participate in this program I am required to work 6 hours a day and 5 days out of the week teaching circus skills, as well as organizing group/camp activities for the day. 

I will be working primarily with adults and children from Syria, Afghanistan, and Africa. My passions for miming and movement theatre, juggling, acrobatics, tumbling, stilt walking and more will be a great asset to this campaign. I hope to help relieve people from their anxieties caused by their current situation of displacement.

For more information about how to get involved, or how to donate support to this mission trip this summer please visit my fundraising page and read more about project. Be sure to check out the reward level section of the page, see if you qualify for any of the options available to donors.

Please visit the following links for more information about CircusAid and their efforts with Circus relief:


Direct donations can be made through:

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