The Auguste of the Month of August!

Our “How Good is Your Auguste?” Auguste Makeup Contest was a huge success! Around 70 Auguste clowns submitted their makeup photos which collectively received a huge number of votes! This just proves that our clowns are loved by a lot of people!

But when the contest ended, we found a different kind of proof. A proof that winning is not all about the prize or the fame, it’s about how you’ll use that blessing to show what it means to be a blessing to others.

That’s what our contest winner, Toto Johnson, showed us.

The Man Behind Toto

Toto the Clown

Toto the Clown

Born as Ronald Wayne Johnson Jr. on January 21, 1967, Toto started clowning at the young age of 10 in his hometown Naugatuck, Connecticut. He learned clowning by attending a 1-day a week session in the “Youth Services” division of the Parks and Recreation Department. Then made his debut at the “Youth Services” fair on 21st of June, ’77.

Toto's Debut during summer of 1977 with Nana and Mom.

Toto’s Debut during summer of 1977 with Nana and Mom.

And now, with 38 years of clowning experience in his sleeve, his clown character, Toto, has always been develop to with the help of this colleagues. According to Ronald:

“At one point…early in my career…I thought that I might want to steer towards being a Proper Auguste…stylized…dumb but sophisticated…with wardrobe to accentuate that…but it was not long before I knew that was NOT me at all! As one newspaper reporter put it in an interview I did while on tour with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus’ Red unit…“Toto is like a Snickers bar…half nuts!”.  I like that…and I like working with clowns that can help me go in that direction!”

The Adventures of Toto

After his high school graduation in ’85, young Ronald moved to Florida to start his first full-time circus clown gig at the old Circus World theme park. Joined the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus’ Clown College 3 months later and then went of tour with  the RBBB Circus’ Red unit for the next 4 years!

Toto on Stilts!

Toto on Stilts!

Then, he returned to the Clown College and became an instructor! In the 90’s, he started his own business “Colossal Clowns International“…specializing in circus, stage, screen, and more on the local, national, and international levels.

He now resides in Davenport, Iowa for the last 19 years with his dog, Jake, who held the Guinness World Record for the Oldest Living Dog until just a few weeks ago when Jake passed away. :(

He is now on a contract and is on the road for 10-12 weeks a year doing circus spot dates, international festivals, and many more!

Toto Stepped on!

Toto Stepped on!

After winning the contest, Toto immediately asked us if he can share the prize with the clown with the highest number of votes! This just proves that clowns are a blessing to others!

David Mitchell aka “Skeeter”



Skeeter gained the highest number of votes in our contest with 465 votes! David Mitchell aka Skeeter is currently the 3VP of the International Shrine Clown Association or ISCA. He’s been clowning for 3 years now and got his clowning humor from Jerry Lewis, The Nutty Professor.

It is no secret that our clowns are passionate about their chosen profession. We, at ClownAntics, are witnesses to that.

Congratulations to our winners! To everyone who joined our contest and as well as all the clowns in the world, we thank you all for keeping the Art of Clowning alive! Let’s keep the Art of Laughter and Joy alive!

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