The Father and Son Clown Duo - Toty & Andy

In most cases, the passion for clowning is passed down from parent to child. It is in these situations that the Art of Clowning is completely embedded in the family. And, we think this is exactly what happened with Toty and Andy - the father and son duo who won our My Clown Selfie Photo Contest

The Story behind the Duo


Toty and Andy are a father and son clown duo from Mexico City. Toty, the father, started as a ballet and jazz dancer. Then, little by little, found out about the Art of Clowning and fell in love with it. 



Andy, on the other hand, also started performing in theater shows at the age of 3. Now, seeing his dad putting on makeup and performing as a clown, he got into the art as well! 

The Story Behind the Selfie

"We perform at a Hispanic Shopping Center every Sunday here is the Dallas Fort Worth area. It's free to the public and we enjoy it very much. We also love seeing when the families come back and see us perform 3 or 4 times in a row."

This selfie just radiates happiness and the excitement everyone there has. This is pure joy and reflects what clowns do in the community. 

Their clown character are inspired by various clowns...

"Inspiration for Toty came from various clown. Just like the U.S. has many great clown so does Mexico. But of course we admired clowns like David Larible and Bello Nock. As for Andy he loves all those clown too but his dad inspired him to be a clown."


Toty and Andy are proof that the passion for making other people happy and laugh can be inherited. We hope all the best for this duo and we wish that they will be able to clown together for a hundred years! 

Congratulations, Toty and Andy! You are an inspiration! 

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These two clowns are so amazing and talented. Wonderful people and good friends too.

Susan Keys

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