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Do you have a big comb and over-sized scissors? Good! Then you have a funny routine!

IMGP5348I can’t communicate with words very well in my routines, but you can add really funny banter to yours. (I keep fairly loud music playing so it isn’t quiet.)


I am learning not to rush through routines. I start by bringing out the big comb. The kids love to sit in the hairdresser’s chair. (I just got an idea! Make a booster seat for a smaller child and keep adding stuff to the seat, putting the child on the chair and taking them down, making them higher and higher. Well, I’ll see how that goes!)


After using the comb on a couple volunteers, I bring out the scissors. As Mimi, I revealed the scissors to the audience, but not to the volunteer.  That always got a laugh! I brought out the scissors behind the volunteer’s back, and hid them behind my back when they tried to see why everyone was laughing.

IMGP5336 Chahloula starts out by saying, in Arabic, of course, that she wants to be a hairdresser. (I work on ‘lines’ with my language teacher.) The clown is happy with the work she is doing with the comb, and brings out the scissors. The first time she tries ‘cutting’ a volunteer’s hair though, she is nervous. She starts cutting while standing too far away; then she moves closer, but she closes her eyes!


When the time is right, I purposely choose a girl with a braid in her hair. I made a braid using black yarn. It falls to the floor, but I am embarrassed and afraid to let the volunteer see it! I pick it up and hide it behind my back, holding it kind of low so it looks like a tail. I make sure the audience sees it.

I get a bright idea to reattach it with glue and produce a tube of glue from my bag. Without actually opening the glue, I hold the braid in funny positions on the girl’s head. From there, I use the braid in other creative and funny ways: armpit hair, a mustache, a beard. (I didn’t try all of these maneuvers yet, but I will next time out!)

Here are links for the giant scissors  giant comb.

I would love to hear your ideas! What do you do with your comb and scissors?


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