The 'HOPE' of Clowning - Mehron Clown Starter Kit Winner

Clowning, in general, is an art built on loving, caring, and inspiring others. Clowns of different walks of life has made this art form a platform to bring joy and hope to those who need them. 

Lots of clowns do volunteer work while others do it professionally. While clowns differ from what their reasons are when they put on their clown makeup, there is one goal shared among all of them - to bring joy and HOPE to their audience.

Today, we take a look at the winner of our Mehron Clown Starter Kit Giveaway winner and why 'hope' is important in clowning.

Matthew Colyer, also known as, HOPE, is a clown of the Calliope Clown Unit through the Jaffa Shrine. He's been a clown for two years. 

You might wonder why his name is HOPE and why the pink outfit. The reason is that his wife is a breast cancer survivor. 

He's fairly new in clowning but we'll surely see a lot from him in the years to come!


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