Video: The Little Mermaid (Ariel) Balloon Art by Balloon Josh

The live-action The Little Mermaid movie has been announced and we couldn't get any more excited! This like-action remake will surely be loved by kids and grown-ups a like especially those who watched the original animated film.

So, the amazing Balloon Josh is here to give you tips on how to create your mermaid balloon art for those kids wanting to have a piece of this wonderful movie with them.

Today I'm going to teach you how to make one of my most popular, highly requested items, my line work Little Mermaid.

To make this mermaid, we're going to start with two of the chrome green Balletex ballons. You want about 3-4 inches of uninflated. We're also going to need a red balloon, roughly about 3-4 inches also uninflated. Lastly, we need a blush balloon, with about 5 inches of uninflated. Then you just need a purple scrap in chrome.

We're going to start with the two green chrome balloons. We're going to do a loop twist, tie the knot around, tuck it through, and then we're going to do another loop twist with the other green balloon. Then we're going to do a pinch twist, and we're going to tie the loop twist from the other balloon around the pinch twist. So you have one loop twist from each balloon, plus a pinch twist. Now you do another pinch twist, so you should have two loop twists and two pinch twists. Then we're just going to twist the balloons around, to make a spiral braid all the way down. Keep twisting until you get about a foot left. Then we twist a small half inch bubble at the end, and tie that back in. Do the same thing with the other side. I'm going to do a little pressure squeeze to make the fins a little more pointed.

Rather than having a long straight tail, I'm just going to curve it a little bit so we get a nice finished product.

Now we're going to make the mermaid's hair and we're going to use the red balloon. Just like before, we're going to do a loop twist, followed by a pinch twist. Now we're going to do a bird body. We'll start by doing a 2-3 inch bubble, bring it back around up top, tie it around the pinch twist, and then we're going to make another 3 inch bubble and push it through as we roll them around. Then we're going to do another pinch twist at the base, and you should have just a little tiny bit uninflated. Take that uninflated part and tie it around the pinch twist. To give her hair a nice flowy look, I just do a little snap at the bottom and then a little pressure squeeze just to give it a nice flowy look.

Now we'll take the blush balloon and tie the knot at the top of the hair, at the base around the pinch twist, then bring the face down in front, and I'm just going to hold it with one hand, and with the other hand twist the entire head all the way around, two times. For the arm, I'm going to make about a four inch bubble and then a half inch bubble for the pinch twist. So four inch bubble, half inch bubble, fold it over, and then I'm going to do a split twist. Now we're going to create another bubble. If you can't do the split twist, you can instead make a half inch bubble, do a pinch twist, followed by another half inch bubble, and another pinch twist, and you can do the hands that way instead.

Then we're going to make another four inch bubble for the other arm, bring it back in around the neck, and then we're going to pop that middle bubble connecting the two hands together. So now we've got our two arms. I usually give them a little tiny squeeze to give them a slight bend.

Then we're going to set this on top of the tail. For the body, I'll usually do about 6 inches or so. Make sure you tie the tail into the top and not the fin side. We're just going to twist her body into the top of her tail. Break off the excess of the blush balloon.

Now we're going to giver her the seashell bra and we're going to use the purple scrap balloon. We only need about two inches, so I'm going to break off the rest. Split it in half and make sure you hold onto it. Then you're just going to add it on, reach around the back, and tie it together.

To draw her face, do a simple little round eye, give her eyebrows and eyelashes, a cute little nose, and a mouth. I always also include a belly button.

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