The New Kid At School, With Videos!

I don't have any new pictures from the refugee camp in Greece yet, so I will share a few pictures and videos from past escapades.

I want to talk about being the 'new kid' at school. Do you know the feeling? I was the new kid a few times growing up. When I go to a school in a remote area of Tunisia, it is like I am the new kid at school all over again, and I never know what kind of welcome I will receive!

I have shared stories from both of these schools before, but this time I am including videos of Mimi's arrival. 

The first school is in the northern part of Tunisia. This was one of the times we were working together with friends from the states. The closest these students ever came to seeing a clown was probably on television. Okay, here is the video...

I was surprised at their reactions! I didn't know how the show would go after that. Everything turned out well, as it usually does for the new kid; sometimes it just takes a little longer to make friends, especially if you are weird.

I have another video to show you. This one is from the school we went to 'in the middle of nowhere' in Tunisia. The students, and our friends, were meeting Mimi for the first time...


They were eager to make friends with this strange new kid! 

They were also enthusiastic about watching the clown show. I remember how excited and exuberant they were! They were thrilled that I was there, and I was, too.

Thinking about it at this moment, whether I was the new kid growing up, or the new kid now, I never did try to fit in. I didn't act or dress like everyone else. I used to be a lot more shy, not wanting to draw attention to myself. I was not the 'class clown'. It used to take me a long time to make friends.

The Scriptures are true: I am a new creation. I am not who I was. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come!

Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord, for making all things new!


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That first video is a hoot! Did the fish spray water? The kids looked like they were having a blast with you. :)


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