The No Show

Here are some exciting pictures! These were from the night in August, 2011 when Mimi was all dressed up, but nobody showed up for the event. (I really hope that I am not the only clown that this has happened to. Not that I hope this has happened to others. You know what I mean.)


We were working with ADRA Slovakia for a couple weeks at the refugee camps near Libya. ADRA connected with several non-governmental organizations. We remained flexible and just did whatever we were asked to do, and went wherever we were told to go. Basically, we were not in control, and we were not the ones setting up the events.


Things were going well. We were staying busy and enjoying it. This was the first night we were going to participate in a MAG event. Unfortunately, it was not well-planned and nobody showed up. So what do clowns do when they are all dressed up with nobody to clown for? They have fun anyways!


My husband, daughter, and I were in a courtyard in a youth center waiting to see if anyone arrived. While we waited, my husband, who was ready to clown around with me, practiced some of his martial arts moves. He also demonstrated a few sexy dance moves for us.


My daughter enjoyed herself. She found a swing set. Swings are always fun, no matter how old you are.


She also tried doing some cartwheels. It had definitely been a while since she tried those!


At least we weren’t sitting in the dark complaining. We actually had a nice evening together. I remember laughing and joking.


The thing I remember the most was something that happened on the way back to the hotel later that night. I was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car. We came to a stop at a light. To my right was a taxi. The taxi driver casually turned to look at us, and then turned his face away. He did a hilarious double take! He whipped his head back to stare and smile at Mimi! The look on his face was worth getting all dressed up. He probably still tells the story about the time he looked over and saw a yellow-haired clown in a car next to him! Ahh, the simple pleasures in life!

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