The Power of a Clown

163I’m not going to beat around the bush. Clowns are powerful! We know it. And everyone around us knows it too. That is why they are drawn to us.


We don’t use our power over people; the power we have is for people. We are able to walk into a room, or a tent, and change the atmosphere. Part of our gift is the ability to help people forget where they are.


Clowns are larger than life. We are able to lift young and old alike up out of their world and into ours.


We help them forget the sadness and difficulties in their surroundings. Not only do people forget their situations while they are with us, but they will have memories to talk about, and laugh about, long after we are gone.


We do so much more than just bring smiles and balloon animals; we bring a whole new world.


As a Christian, I believe that the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit, so I am actually bringing the Kingdom of God.


I am mindful when I clown that I have been given the opportunity to release joy into the atmosphere. I truly bring light into dark places; refreshing water into dry lands.

To be honest, it took me a while to see the value in putting on all the makeup and clowning in those desperate situations. I felt like I should be doing something more ‘valuable’. It looked like other people were ‘doing more’ while I was ‘only’ clowning around.


Well, I got over that! The laughter and love of a clown is precious! It is important for us to acknowledge the power of the gift that we have and and use it to the fullest. It really is miraculous how much clowns bring! We heal wounded hearts. We give people hope.

It doesn’t matter if we are clowning in the desert, the circus, a hospital, or a backyard birthday party. A clown is a treasure, precious to those who find one.


And those around us feel loved and special just because we were there.

That is powerful.

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