The Simple Things


I was going to find pictures of joyful kids from several different events, but I didn’t need to. I found one event. The faces, the smiles, and the eyes, are so full of joy, I can write a whole article about it.


Do clowns realize what we bring to the world? Do we stop and thank the Lord for allowing us to do what we do? We have been given an amazing gift. Not everyone can be a clown. We spend time and  money developing our talents. We go through times of being frustrated and insecure.  I think we have at least one thing in common: we do what we do, not for ourselves, but for the people around us. We love to bring the laughter.


It doesn’t matter if we are clowning at a school, a birthday party, in a hospital, a refugee camp, or a three-ring circus. We bring joy in a way that not many people can. Am I trying to make you, the clown, feel special? That is exactly what I am trying to do! I am encouraging you to keep up the good work! And it really is a ‘good work’.


These pictures are from October 2014, when we went to a school in the northern part of Tunisia. Mimi was probably the first clown to visit their school.


At the time, it seemed like just another opportunity to clown in this North African country. Mimi didn’t do anything special; no sword swallowing or fire-breathing. I didn’t saw anyone in half or juggle bowling balls. (I know there are clowns out there who can do all those things!! I am amazed by you!)


Maybe that is why I am clowning around here in Tunisia. I am simple: simple balloon animals, simple tricks, and simple props. The simplicity works here.


It is like a lit candle. During the day, candlelight isn’t very noticeable, but in a dark room, that one candle makes a difference. There is so little opportunity for real joy here that Mimi’s simple clowning brings laughter not just to the mouth but to the eyes, also.


I encourage you to look through your pictures. Look at the children’s faces; look at their eyes! See the joy and laughter that you bring to the world.

And keep up the good work!

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