The Wackiest Clowns Around!


Last month, we opened a contest to search for the wackiest clowns in the land. And we were successful!

In our search, we found dozens of wacky clowns! But, like all contests, two came victorious in claiming our two awards, the Judges’ Pick and the Voters’ Pick!

Let’s meet our wackiest clowns!

Voters’ Pick Winner

Photo - ronhensley6010@gmail_com - 117606305

Voters Pick Winner – Billy Bob “THE” Clown!

Winning our Voters’ Pick award is Billy Bob “THE” Clown who got 100 votes!

Billy Bob aka Ron Hensley started his clown journey in the late 80’s. According to him, he originally got into clowning because his father kept telling him to stop “Clowning Around.” Then, he thought that he loved making people happy, seeing them smile and laugh. So, this made him decide to learn how to juggle as his first steps in his clown career.

“Because I was so cheap, I would go to the book store and read chapter and go home and practice what I read. I did this to each chapter until I taught myself to juggle 3 objects.”

Talk about resourcefulness! This just proves that if there’s a will, there’s a way! After learning how to juggle, he asked a clown, who goes by the name Merribell the Clown aka Mary B. Axsom, to teach him basic make-up skills and how to act as a clown. Then, the rest is history!

“I love making balloon hats and animals and rely on my mediocre skills to get by on. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket and I can’t dance to save my life but thankfully I am a natural klutz which helps make my performances funny.”

Currently, Ron is recovering from an accident which left him disabled. But thanks to her daughter, he is surely, in his way to full recovery! Get better soon, Billy Bob! Congratulations for winning our contest!

Here are some of Billy Bob’s wacky photos!

billy billy2 billy3 billy4

Judge’s Pick Winner

Photo - AprilFoolOKC@aol_com - 115348652

Judge’s Pick Winner – April Fool

Winning the heart of our contest judge is April Fool aka Rita Scranton! We really loved how April Fool channeled her inner child in this photo!

Rita Scranton is a clown, a mime, an elf, and an actress. She started out as a mime and a friend of her’s encouraged her to join their clown alley, Just Say Ho” clown alley! She is also a member of the The Bricktown Clowns of Oklahoma City and a former member of the Golden Gate Clowns in the San Francisco Bay area. She also teaches basic miming and juggling! 

” I am Deaf, and usually my clown character is silent, but I can speak depending on the circumstances. I just try to draw out smiles among the people around me, whether I walk around, juggle, twist balloons, march in a parade or face paint. The photo I entered was during an annual visit to the OKC Zoo’s Ostrich Egg Breakfast. I saw the little Merry-Go-Round, and the child in me had to give it a spin. My character is impulsive that way.”

Thank you so much April Fool for joining our contest! Congratulations for winning our Judge’s Pick award!

Here are some of April Fool’s wacky photos!

mime 0616b.jpg





As always, we are so honored to run these contests for our dearest clowns! We know the hardships and the sacrifices they go through honing, perfecting, and living their craft. We also know the laughter and the joys they bring in to the world!

That’s why we are always proud to show how our clowns are changing the world for the better!

To everyone who participated in our Wackiest Clown Contest, thank you for doing what you do and for being who you are! We love you all! 

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