The wearin o’ the green!


Sorry Sparty fans, but this article is about St. Patrick’s attire. That’s right, Clown Antics your “one stop clown shop” once again has a handle on the holiday fun! Even if you don’t have a clown gig for St. Patrick’s Day, we can still help you get your Green on for the festivities.

When it comes to your head, we have it covered…literally, with an assortment of green hats and wigs to get things started. Who wouldn’t want to be seen in one of these awesome Leprechaun hats.


Maybe this green propeller beanie is more your style, yeah you know you could pull it off.


This green Afro is sure to steal the show!

w1004  A straight wig may be more your thing or for the ladies a cute Gidget wig. category100                                        w1243g If you want to look a bit more spiffy, may we recommend

bow tie, gloves and flower.c1081g a10343 c1098g



Kick up your heels and dance a jig! Whether you want to dance all night or just tap your toes to the beat, you will look cool in some of our green socks in patterns or solids.

a51235 a51210 a5077


Before you head on to the dance floor,                                                                                        don’t forget to lace up your shoes with green shoe laces. a3013


Hop on over to the website as there are more green socks wigs and other items to make your St. Patrick’s wardrobe a thing of beauty.

 I want to leave you with a joke for St. Patrick’s Day:

Why does Irish bean soup only have 239 beans?

Because one more bean would make it two farty!

Hiyo kids, see ya next time!

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