“There is therefore now no…WHAT??!

While waiting for Chahloula to venture out again, I am going to share some of the simple skits I did at church before moving to Tunisia. If you have ever considered using your talent in church, maybe some of these ideas will help.

First things first; the Bible is a great source for material! Pick a verse and try to memorize it in front of an  audience. Peach E. Keene tried to  ‘mezmerize’  Romans 8:1.

DSC_0112 - Copy

Let the audience know that you have been trying to memorize a verse. Ask them not to help you. Start to say the verse slowly…

“Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no constellation for  those who…..”

“That’s not right! There’s the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and my favorite, the ice  cream dipper!” (By all means, use props!)

“There is just one word in that verse that is harder to remember! Let me try again!”

“Romans 8:1 There is therefore no now congregation! for those who are in Christ Jesus!”

“No, that’s not it. There is a big congregation Sunday morning and a little congregation Wednesday night.”

“I can do this! Don’t help me!”

“There is therefore now no constipation for those who are in Christ… Oh, we won’t go there. Nobody goes there!”


I’m sure you get the idea! You can come up with your own ‘wrong’ words, and handle the situation as your character would: get frustrated,  give up, or persistently keep trying.  I did this as a solo clown, but it will work great with two clowns, also.

After a few tries, finally get it right and go into a happy dance! You can end it there, now that both you and the whole audience have memorized Rom. 8:1, or you can take it a little further.

After a little celebrating “I got it! I got it!”, stop suddenly, drop your arms and face, “I don’t got it. What does condemnation mean?”

One definition I found for condemned is “unfit for use”.

To complete the skit, I told a little story how my mommy explained to me that a house is ‘condemned’ when it is ‘unfit for use’. (I even found some of that yellow/orange caution-tape at Walmart for a good visual prop!)

In Christ, we are fit for use!

Have fun with that!!




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Love it~~~~ Tanx…

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