This is My LIFE!


Cereal isn’t just for eating! I wrote a whole skit around this one prop: a box of LIFE cereal.

This skit involves verses from the Bible, but get your creative clown juices flowing, and you will find that this box of cereal offers all kinds of skit ideas. You could adapt this to a general audience by using song titles which include the word LIFE.

I performed this routine with my clown friend Silly Lilly at church. We took turns using the LIFE cereal box to demonstrate verses. We also made jokes about Life, with answers from the Scriptures. For example, did you know that LIFE was the first cereal God created? Yep! There was a tree of LIFE in the Garden of Eden. (‘Eden’ was pronounced ‘eatin’ by Peach E.) I held the cereal box over my head and pulled it like I was picking something from a tree.

And Moses really liked LIFE cereal. He told everyone to “Choose LIFE”!

You can stare closely at the box of LIFE, and then explain that Paul said in 1Tim4:16 to “Watch your LIFE (and doctrine) closely.”

Let the clown-side of your brain recall LIFE verses: John 15:13 “There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his LIFE for his friends.” Lay down the box of LIFE with exaggerated motions. Demonstrate Jer.10:23 “A man’s LIFE is not his own” by sharing some cereal with the audience.

My favorite verse in this routine was Proverbs 10:11. “The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of LIFE…” I put a piece of cereal in my mouth and blew it into the air several times. (That actually took some practice!)  Silly Lilly asked what I was doing and I quoted the verse. (She wanted to try, but she chewed up the cereal and then was going to spit it up into the air. I covered her mouth with my hand, and then made motions of wiping my hand on her shoulder!)

As always, make it your own! This routine could become a contest for your audience.  Demonstrate the verse and let the audience figure out what verse it is. The first person to shout out the correct verse wins. I would really like to hear your ideas and what you do with this prop!

Have fun and enjoy LIFE!!

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