Video: Thomas the Tank Engine Balloon Art by Balloon Josh

Thomas the Tank Engine is the main character in the cartoon show, Thomas and Friends. Today, Balloon Josh shares with you how he makes Thomas the Train balloon art.

Thomas the Tank Engine Balloon Art

To make this Thomas the Train balloon, you'll need four balloons. A black balloon with roughly 4-5 inches of uninflated, a gray balloon with roughly 4-5 inches of uninflated, a blue balloon with about 4 inches or a hand's width uninflated, and a 160 red balloon, that's only halfway inflated.

To start, we're going to take our black balloon and we're going to do a tulip twist. To do this, we take our finger and push the knot inside the balloon, and then grab it with our other hand. I take my finger out slowly, and then twist it, so it makes a hole inside, which is going to be the smoke stack. Then we're going to make about an inch and a half bubble, followed by a half inch bubble, turn that into a pinch twist, another half inch bubble, turn that into a pinch twist, and we've finished the smoke stack for Thomas the Train.

Now to make his face, we're going to go down about two inches, followed by a half inch bubble, followed by a loop twist. Then you go back up, tie it around the two pinch twists, and that's going to be the frame for Thomas the Train. You have the tulip twist, the bubble twist, two pinch twists, and then the body.

Now we're going to take the gray balloon, and we're going to tie it in around the top two pinch twists and bring it down and twist it around the bottom pinch twist. I'm going to go back about 6 inches, I'm going to twist the black and gray balloons together, and then I'm going to feed either balloon through, just so it doesn't come undone. Now we're going to break off the excess, and then we're going to tie the two ends back together so it doesn't become uninflated.

Now we're going to set this aside just for a second. Take your blue balloon, and we're going to do a small pinch twist with a half inch bubble, with a large loop twist. So you have this small bubble, turns into a pinch twist, large loop twist, followed by another small bubble and another large loop twist. Then one more small bubble, and use the remainder and do a small bubble at the end and bring that up and do another pinch twist.

Now ideally, all three of these should be the same, but if they're not exact, just make sure the biggest one goes on first. So we're going to slide the blue loops over the black and gray balloons through. Your large loop twist should be big enough for both balloons to squeeze through. And then you just feed it through the next loop, and then finally squeeze it through the final loop, and you should have just enough sitcking out the back to feed the red 160 through in just a second.

You take a red 160, and I'm just going to hide the knot around the loop twist on the bottom of the front of Thomas the Train. Then we're going to take the red 160 and we're going to feed it between the black and gray balloon coming out the back, bring it back around the front, and then twist it back around the loop twist. Break off the excess, and then do a pressure squeeze to push the red balloon down towards the bottom of the train.

So now we have a nice body for Thomas the Train. Now with a lot of cartoon characters like Thomas, I feel the key is to getting the face right. So it does not hurt to look at some cartoons and make sure you're doing the face the right way so that it resembles the character. For him, I do the flat bottoms of the eyes and then I just do a big arch. I do a circle nose, and make sure I give him a big smile.

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