Three 1-Balloon Creations

“Hey clown! What can you make besides a dog?”
Have you ever heard those words and just cringe? Although the multi-balloon creations can really be a hit with the crowd, it’s not always practical twisting them at a gig. But never fear; there are an abundance of fun and impressive single balloon creations to be made. Don’t forget, balloons are toys to be played with or worn as a fashion accessory. So grab your bag of 260’s and let’s get to work.

The Flying Mouse:

This balloon is fun and simple to make which also gives the kids something to play with.

Flying Mouse Step 1 - Partially inflate a 260 Balloon Step 1.
Inflate the 260 about 5 inches and tie, leaving a long tail.
Flying Mouse Step 2 - Twist 3 one inch bubbles


Step 2a.
Twist three one-inch bubbles,

Flying Mouse Step 3 - Roll Twist the head and ears Step 2b.
Lock twist the last two bubbles, creating the ears (the first bubble is the head).
Flying Mouse Step 3 - Roll twist Step 3.
I like to use the roll through twist, which secures the head and ears from coming undone. This is accomplished by rolling the head bubble between the two ear bubbles.
Flying Mouse Step 4 Step 4.
With your magic marker, draw a face for your mouse and it’s ready for flight.
Flying Mouse Step 5 - Taking Flight Taking flight: I have the kids make the OK sign with their hand, and then hold their hand level to the floor. Now slide the mouse’s tail through the hole, pull back on the tail and release to make your mouse fly.

Turtle Bracelet:

Although we are using the obvious green balloon for the turtle in our tutorial, many girls have asked for their turtle to be of a different color, so that they can be, well…. girls.

Editor's note: Well, we want what we want!

Turtle Step 1 - Twist fie 1-inch bubbles Step 1.
Inflate your 260 about 6 inches and tie, leaving a long tail.

Step 2.
Twist five 1-inch bubbles.
Turtle Step 2 - Lock twist the 2nd and 5th bubbles Step 2a.
Lock twist the 2nd and 5th bubbles so you now have the head and feet of the turtle.
Turtle Step 3 - Tie off the body Step 3.
You want the body of the turtle to jut fit over the feet. If this bubble is too long, simply push the extra air down to the end of the balloon and release buy snipping the end.
Turtle Step 4a - Tie a knot Step 3a.
Now tie a knot at the end of your body, leaving the long tail.
Turtle Step 4 - Wrap the tail around the back bubble twist Step 4.
Drop the tail through the legs and wrap it up and over the joint of the back bubbles.
Turtle Step 5 - Pinch twist the head bubble Step 5. 
At this point I finish the head with a pinch twist. Pull the nozzle back to to the feet and do your twist.
Turtle Step 5a - Wrap the tail, completing the bracelet Step 5a.
Now tie the end of the tail around the turtle’s neck completing the bracelet.
Turtle Step 6 - Draw the face and shell markings Step 6.
With your marker, draw the face and spots on the shell to complete the turtle.

These same steps can be followed using a red balloon to make a ladybug, using smaller spots on the shell. You can also use the same design to make a small truck - just draw wheels on the outsides of the "feet" and a window on the front.

Animal hat:

This is quick to make yet a great crowd pleaser.
Balloon Animal Hat Step 1 - Inflate leaving a 2 inch tail Step 1.
Inflate a 260 leaving about a 2-inch tail and tie.
Balloon Animal Hat Step 2 - Make a 1 inch bubble at the nozzle end Step 2.
Make a 1-inch bubble while instructing your patron to step close so you can measure their hat size (this is important to insure a proper fit).
Balloon Animal Hat Step 2a - Lock twist to make a loop Step 2a.
Wrap the balloon around their head, where the segment of the bubble meets the remainder of the balloon is where you make the lock twist.
Note: I like to call out a at size for fun, “Ah, 6 and 7/8, just what I thought.” This usually gets a laugh!
Balloon Animal Hat Step 3 - Twist the ears and nose Step 3.
About 3 or 4 inches from the end of the balloon make two-1 inch bubbles and lock twist. This creates the ears and nose of an animal.
Balloon Animal Hat Step 4 - Draw a face Step 4.
Draw a face on the animal head to complete your hat.
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