Three Easy Clown Magic Tricks to Impress Your Audience

A clown should have several tricks up his sleeve...and why not? There's something magical about a good clown, so nobody should be surprised when they start doing magic tricks. Some magic tricks take a lot of work and practice to get just right, but some are easier to master. As a clown, you'll be spending a lot of time around kids, so start now with your own kids. Here are a few tricks that are easy to do, and will make your kids think you're the coolest clown around.

Magic Rope to Silk Trick 

In this great but easy effect, a piece of rope seems to defy gravity by standing on end. Then, the rope falls down on your command. Finally, it instantly changes from a rope into a bright red 12 inch silk handkerchief.

Traffic Light Beads 

This trick makes you look like a mind reader a feat that never fails to impress! The trick includes three large safety pins, and each pin contains beads in traffic colors red, yellow or green. You call an assistant up to the stage and give him or her all three pins. You then turn your back, and your assistant chooses one of the pins and places it into your open palm still behind your back. Even little kids can help with this part. You keep your hands behind your back, never looking at the beads, and then you proceed to read your assistant's mind.You will know which color is behind your back, but you will appear to pluck the answer right out of your helper's mind! This trick is inexpensive and simple, and will keep your audience intrigued and impressed with your magical ability!

Dime and Penny Trick 

This is an easy trick for beginners, and it's a great way to get audience members involved. Call a volunteer up to help you this is especially fun with kids, who enjoy being part of the action. Place the dime in the child's open palm, then set the penny on top of it—make sure everyone can clearly see you do this! The child them closes her hand. For some fun patter, you might want to say a few magic words or pretend to look for the coins elsewhere...before finding the dime right in your own pocket! When your volunteer opens her hand, she's only holding the penny! Where did the dime go? That's for you to know and your audience to wonder about!

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