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This is not just a clever title for a change bag article but also a way to announce some exciting news! Stay tuned for the reveal at the end of this post.

We have shared a couple of articles using the change bag like the Silks to Peppermint Stick routine featured back around Christmas; now we want to give you a little “how to” for those of you who may be a little unsure of your magical skills. The beauty of the change bag is the simplicity of the mechanics; the most basic version operates easily with one finger. Many of my clown friends ask me what are good magical effects they could purchase that don’t take much skill or practice time, one of my first questions is; “do you own a change bag?” The greatest aspect of the change bag is the versatility, an entire routine can be centered on the bag because of the ability to produce, vanish and change items at will.

The bag consists of two compartments that can be loaded with items to produced seemingly from and empty bag or drop one item in and switch to the second compartment and change it into something else and even vanish items. All three of these effects are quite easy with a lite practice. The compartment is opened and closed with a secret lever allowing the performer to control the magic with just a slight move of a finger.

Example: g15450

The Production: Start with one compartment loaded with an item like a silk. Turn the bag inside out to show that it is empty, return to the starting position, flip the lever and you can now reach into the bag to reveal the silk.

The Change: Red silk goes into the bag and with a little magic “poof” you return to the starting position, flip the lever and you can now reach into the bag to reveal the item.  you pull out a white silk then show the bag to be empty.

The vanish: The bag can also work to simply vanish an item, drop the item in one compartment of the bag, flip the lever and show the bag empty.

All three of these effects are quite easy with a little practice. This is one of my top favorite magical apparatus and have designed many routines around a change bag for myself and other fellow clowns and magicians.

Now for the big news!

Drum roll please

category74We now will be adding video to some of our posts to give you a better understanding of the steps involved in the magic tricks, balloons creations or whatever we think will make your learning experience better. So get ready for the first of our video tutorials featuring the basic operation of the change bag.

You just follow the link to the Clown YouTube channel and just like magic you will be transported into a front row seat at the Clown Antics studio.

So go ahead and try it…we know you want to. Click the link below to see the video on the Change Bag.

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