Time to get spooky!


Skeletons, vampires and ghosts…oh my!

Yes it is getting close to that time of year when we take off the clown makeup and put on some Halloween makeup. Clown Antics, your One Stop Clown shop, has a cauldron full of Halloween makeup, character face paint kits and accessories to help get your scare on.


Face Paint kits  from Snazaroo, Wolfe and Ruby Red are a nice affordable way to get started with spooky face paint designs. There are also Halloween stencils and books to help make your painting a breeze. As a matter of fact, we carry a large selection of stencils like the spiders and web from Bad Ass Stencils to make your designs look super slick in just minutes. These quick kits can help you get started in the face paint world, but are also perfect for the do it your self parents who want to try a hand at painting up their little ones for trick or treat time.


All in one makeup kits can help you transform yourself or friends into creatures of the night. Zombies are all the rage and this zombie makeup kit from Mehron will take you from LIVING to DEAD with ease. Maybe a little more cute and a bit less creepy is your style; this Mehron cat and animal kit can help you get creative with a Halloween costume a bit on the Wild side.


Gore n more up your alley? That’s cool too. We have a buckets of blood, a pile of prosthesis and creepy skin effects to make you the “life” of the party. We have wound effects, bald caps, fake teeth and many more items to make your skin crawl, literally.


If you want to get really WICKED, prosthetic pieces by Woochie like this witch kit will morph you like magic. Just make sure you use the proper adhesives and removers so you can return to your normal self without having to cast any spells. If you want to have fun this Halloween season and scare the socks off of everyone, take some time to check out all of the awesome Halloween makeup and effects on our site.


Scare ya later!

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