Torn & Restored Heart Routine

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Love is in the air.

Yes it’s that time of year when that little cherub “Cupid” shoots his love filled arrows into the air. So keeping in step with the holiday, here is a little Valentine magic to share with friends or add to your next gig.

The routine:

The performer cuts a heart shape from a piece of paper, the center is torn out and the heart then torn into a few pieces by a spectator. The spectator is given the center piece to hold, the remaining pieces placed into an envelope and sealed. After some clever patter, perhaps of lost love and reunion, the envelope is torn open. The contents emptied revealing the heart to be restored except for the missing center. The spectator is asked to match the piece to the hole in the heart. Behold a perfect match!


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*Piece of construction paper, red or pink to match the Valentine theme.

*Letter size envelope-10 x 24 cm works perfectly.

*Glue stick


The set up:

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Step 1. Half the piece of construction paper, we want the heart to be small enough for our envelope.

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Step 2. Fold one of the pieces of paper in half again and cut out paper heart.

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Step 3. Tear a small piece from the center of the heart and save for the end of the routine.

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Step 4. Fold the heart so it is small enough to fit in one end of the envelope.

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Step 5. With glue stick we will make a secret compartment. Simply run a vertical glue line on the inside of the envelope from top to bottom, large enough to hold the heart. Press along line on outside of envelope to seal the compartment.

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Step 6. Place the folded heart into the secret compartment. If you wish, make a small dot on the backside of the envelope to remind you which end the heart is hiding. The envelope is ready for the trick.

The scissors, prepared envelope and center piece of paper should be placed together in a concealed area like your magic table or magic kit bag.


Once you have decided on a story line for your torn and restored heart routine, you are ready to show it off.

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Step 1. As you tell your story, cut out a heart shape and then tear out the center of that heart just as you did in the preparation. Hand the heart to a spectator and ask they tear it into three or four pieces.

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Step 2. You reach into your case or wherever you have the scissors and envelope, swap the center paper for the one that matches the heart in the envelope. Bring out the envelope and place it on the table. You are holding the swapped center piece but no one will be the wiser.

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Step 3. Ask the spectator to trade you the torn pieces for your single piece of paper. This center paper will be the “proof” the heart is really restored later.

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Step 4. Drop torn heart into the remaining open end, seal the envelope.

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Step 5. Finish your story of love lost and reunited, make a magical gesture and tear open the envelope at the end with the secret compartment. Dump the heart out on the table.

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Step 6. Allow the spectator to open up the folded heart to reveal the restoration. Ask them to match the piece of paper to the hole, they will find it matches perfectly.

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The spectator may keep the paper heart but discard the envelope as to not reveal the secret. 

Before you perform the routine, practice the heart cutting and center tear so that you make them uniform when you perform. You will want the two hearts and center tear to match as closely as possible.

Have fun with your new magic routine but remember, practice the moves and your story!

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