Twisting Balloon Creations - Balloon Monkey

This adorable Monkey Balloon makes a great giveaway for boys and girls! This intermediate balloon uses a few techniques that are beyond the basics, but still uses only one 260 balloon in whatever color you choose.   
Monkey Balloon Step 1: Inflate a 260 Balloon leaving a 3 inch tail Step 1: Inflate a 260 leaving a 3” tail, soften (see below) and tie.
  • Inflate your balloon to slightly over the desired length and allow a small amount of air to escape before tying, "burping" it. This makes the balloon more pliable for the more touchy twists such as pinch twists and pop twists.
  • Another softening method is to inflate your balloon to the desired length and tie. Now with your thumb and index finger in a ring around the nozzle end of the balloon, run your hand down toward the tail of the balloon. This moves air to the opposite end of the balloon again leaving it more pliable.
Monkey Balloon Step 2: Twist 4 bubbles for the head. Step 2: You will be twisting a serious of 4 bubbles to make the head. Start with a 2” bubble-then a 1”-next a 1 ½” and finish with a 1” bubble.
Monkey Balloon Step 3: Lock twist the two 1 inch bubbles Step 3: Make a lock twist at the two 1” bubbles.
Step 4: Bring the nozzle of the balloon into the lock twist you’ve made and do a pinch twist. This will be the monkey’s mouth.
Step 5: Ear twist the two 1” bubbles to complete the head.
Step 6: Make a ¾” bubble for the neck.
Step 7: Twist another series of bubbles for the arms: twist a 2” followed by three ½” bubbles and one more 2” bubble.
Step 8: Fold this group so that the 2” bubbles are side by side and lock twist under the neck bubble.
Step 9a: You will now perform what is called a “pop twist.” Make an ear twist at the two outer ½” bubbles, making sure to twist each one 4 to 5 times.
Step 9b: It should look as of the hands are holding a ball.
Step 9c: Now pop the center bubble, this will separate the arms leaving the ear twist as the hands.
Step 10: Twist a 3” bubble for the body.
Step 11: Twist one more string of balloons for the legs. Start with a 2” bubble then two ½” bubbles and one more 2”.
Step 12: Repeat step 8.
Step 13: The remainder of the balloon makes the tail but let’s add some style. Roll the tail over itself starting at the tip and roll toward the body and hold with slight pressure for a few seconds. This makes the tail curl.

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Step 14: With a permanent marker draw a funny face on your monkey!


Banana Balloon

Here is a bonus track for the Monkey Balloon, the Banana. This balloon couldn’t get any easier; you don’t even have to do a twist!
Banana Step 1: Inflate a yellow balloon to 8 inches Step 1: Inflate a yellow 260 about half way and release the air so it’s inflated to about 8” and tie.
Banana Step 2: Tie a knot in the nozzle end and snip off the extra Step 2: Tie a knot in the tail end so you have about a 1” tail and snip off the remainder of the tail above the knot.
Banana Step 3: Snip off the tail end of the nozzle Step 3: Also snip off the tip at the nozzle end.
Banana Step 4: Curve the balloon Step 4: To curve the balloon simply fold in half and give it sleight pressure for a few seconds. Make sure to pinch off the tail so air does not go to that end.
Banana Step 5: Color a circle at the nozzle end Step 5: Color a small circle at the nozzle end of the balloon.
Banana Step 6: Draw lines Step 6: Draw lines down the sides of your Banana for detail.
Banana Step 7: Your banana should look like this Step 7: Your Banana should look like this.
Completed banana - ok, it'll really look like this!
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Step 8: Okay, it really will look like this, but still pretty cool.

Enjoy and have fun.
Everyone thank our editor for the inspiration behind this one. You’re the best P!
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