Two Cute! Simple and Easy Heart Balloon Cheek Art

heart balloon final

For the preparation and face painting tips, refer to the top of the page. 


Medium #4 Round Brush
Water Container
Cloth or Paper Towel

Colors used in this picture:

Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White
Tag Body Art Rose
Diamond FX Face Paints – Lavender


1.  First, start with the lavender face paint, and the round brush. Paint an outline of a heart, then fill in.

heart balloon one

2. Next using the pink face paint, add another heart in front of the first one allowing the shapes to overlap.

Heart Balloon two

3. Next, outline the heart shapes with the black face paint.  Paint two squiggly lines coming from each point of the heart, that meet at a point underneath the balloons.

4. Finally add a few lines and dots of white on the inside of the balloon outline to add highlights. You have two heart shaped balloons!

heart balloon final


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