Video: Unicorn Line Work Balloon Art by Balloon Josh

UNICORNS — everybody loves unicorns! Kids love unicorns! So, make sure that you can twist out a mythical unicorn when a kid comes running up to you asking for one. Today, Balloon Josh shares with you how he makes his balloon unicorn art.

So to start, you're going to need three balloons. I've chosen the chrome, and you want to leave about a hand's width uninflated at the end for the two chrome balloons. With the 160, the end is not as important as the knot - you want a very long tie.

I'm going to use my pink chrome balloon and make a two inch bubble, followed by a half inch bubble with a pinch twist. Then I'm going to do another pinch twist right away, and another half inch bubble, and another pinch twist. This is going to be the mouth of our unicorn. Then we're going to tie it over and tie the knot through, and we're going to do two more pinch twists just like before. Another half inch bubble, pinch twist, and another half inch bubble followed by a pinch twist.

So we have our two pinch twists for the face and the two pinch twists for the ears. Now we're going to make the neck of our unicorn, and you want about a three inch bubble. Make 2 two inch bubbles for the legs, and you're just going to do a lock twist just like you would for a standard balloon dog. Then you come back, about a two inch bubble for the body, and two more two inch bubbles forming a lock twist for the back legs.

For the tail, you can do a pinch twist if you have enough space, or you can break off the end, release some pressure, so that you have the size bubble you want, roughly a half inch bubble, and do a pinch twist that way. Make sure you tuck in the knot so you don't leak out any air. There you have the basic body for your unicorn!

Now we add the hair! I'm going to take the purple chrome balloon and I'm going to tie the knot around the base of the ear. Tie it around several times, and make four half inch bubbles. The trick is to just make sure you don't let go of any of them as you're twisting. If you have smaller hands, this will be a little more difficult, but just make sure you hang onto them and do not let go. Then you tie the fourth bubble around the base of the unicorn neck where the legs are. Now you're going to do four more bubbles and tie it back in around the ears. Again, the trick here is to make sure that you are not letting go of any of the bubbles as you are twisting. Then you're going to tie the fourth bubble in around the base of the ear. So there we have part of our mane!

Now we're going to do a loop twist, which will sort of be like the bangs of our unicorn! It helps force the head down and also helps keep the unicorn horn pointing forward. So we break off the extra, but then we don't throw it away yet. We want to save it because it will also be our tail. So figure out how long you want your tail to be, let the remaining air out, and retie it. Set that aside.

For the mane, you want to connect it, so we're going to twist it together in the middle of the four bubbles. You also want to position that link twist facing forward. Now we're going to add the tail in around the pinch twist on the back. Pressure twist the tail a little bit to give it a nice flowy look, and tie it around the pinch twist at the base of the legs, bring the knot through to lock it in place, and you can use a cutter to cut off the excess. And then we have the basic body for our pretty unicorn!

You can stop there and let it be a horse, but we're going to do a horn. So we take our extra long nozzle that we made and we're going to do a spiral twist. We do this by wrapping the nozzle all the way around the balloon as we twist it. This is going to give a nice spiral effect, rather than having just a straight unicorn horn, it makes it look a little more magical.

Hold onto the spiral and don't let go! Wrap it around that loop we made for the unicorn's bangs. We break off the excess, and then just tie that remainder around a couple of times to lock it in place and keep that unicorn horn stationary. And there we have a really pretty unicorn, especially with these chrome balloons, I love the way it looks!

Now we're just going to grab our sharpie, and give our unicorn some eyes. I always add little eyelashes because it gives it an extra flair. Then draw the unicorn's nostrils!

This can be a very quick, but very fancy line work unicorn!

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Joshua Clark popularly known as Balloon Josh is a professional balloon twisting master! He made various tutorial videos for us and even did several Facebook Live sessions on our fan page.


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