Valentine Design in Blue and Purple Inspired by Zoe Howe

2016-02-11 ElsaAnnaValStepFinalB

Artist Zoe Howe of Smarty Art Faceprinting is absolutely fabulous when it comes to heart designs. Of those she’s created, one of my favorites is her petal heart, which I’m going to incorporate in today’s Valentine cheek art design, giving it an Elsa and Anna flair by using blues, purples, and greens. I hope you enjoy it!


TAG pearl white
TAG green
Paradise light blue
Diamond FX white
Global dark purple
#3 round brush
#5 round brush
Cosmetic glitter (optional)


Load your sponge with a combination of TAG pearl white (for shimmer) and Paradise light blue. Sponge this around the eye, up onto the side of the forehead and down over the cheekbone.

2016-02-11 ElsaAnnaValStep01

Load your #3 round brush with white and add some wintery swirls over the temple. On the cheekbone, create a heart shape. Zoe suggests creating the heart shape as a framework before she adds her petals, so I did that here as well, because without it, it’s difficult to maintain the basic heart shape as you work.

2016-02-11 ElsaAnnaValStep02

Load your #5 round brush with white. If you have a brush which is specifically for making press petals, it’s easier, but I just used my #5 round brush. The bristles are a longer on a regular round brush, so you have to be more careful or your petals will be on the longish side as well. Dip the tip into your Global purple, and begin making the first row of press petals right on top of your heart outline.

2016-02-11 ElsaAnnaValStep03

When you’ve finished the first round, reload your brush and create the second round, just overlapping the first. Finally, add a third row to complete the center.

2016-02-11 ElsaAnnaValStep04

Using the same press petal technique, add two small flowers above the heart and one below.

2016-02-11 ElsaAnnaValStep05

Since this is a wintry design in honor of Anna and Elsa, we’re going to add snowflakes as well. Use your #3 round or a smaller brush for this.

2016-02-11 ElsaAnnaValStep06

Finally, add a few green leaves for contrast. Without the green, which complements the purple, it will seem bland. Cosmetic glitter is optional, but if you want extra sparkle, sprinkle some over the design.

2016-02-11 ElsaAnnaValStepFinalA

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.

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