Valentine’s Day Mask Tutorial With Bling Cluster

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStepFinalD

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to enjoy gorgeous, glittery masks with gem clusters. This tutorial will walk you through this lovely design which is sure to delight girls who have a thing for bling.


TAG pearl white
TAG pearl pink
TAG green
Global magenta
Paradise pink
Diamond FX white
Cosmetic glitter
Liquid bling
#1 round brush
#3 round brush
 #5 round brush


Begin by loading your sponge with a combination of TAG pearl white and Paradise dark pink and dap it onto the eyelids and forehead, leaving a center section for your bling cluster. You can also clean the paint off the area you’d like to apply the gem to.

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStep01

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStep01B

Apply a few dots of glitter glue adhesive to both the gem cluster and the skin and wait for them to become tacky before pressing the cluster in place. Load a butterfly sponge with TAG pearl white and Paradise pink, adding some Global magenta on the outer wide section, and sponge this onto the temples.

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStep03

Load your #3 round brush with white and make your guiding teardrops for the rest of the design.

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStep04

Continue to add teardrops, filling the empty areas. For this design, I thought some floral petals would be a pretty addition. To do this, load your #5 round brush well with white, and then dip the tip in Global magenta. Place the tip in place on the skin and press to make the petal shape. Continue in the pattern below, and make a few full five-petal flowers on the sides of the design. Add green leaves to the full flowers with TAG green.

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStep06

Use the #1 round brush to create a line around the edge of sections of the design. This adds a lacy, delicate effect.

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStep07

Also add some dots and tiny starbursts here and there on the temple and sides.

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStep08

As a final flourish, outline with liquid bling and enjoy!

2016-02-04 CA-ValentineMaskStepFinalC

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.

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