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Hello all and Happy 2019!  Some new exciting things are happening here at Clown Antics; new products, new look to our website and this blog where we will be sharing fun stuff about the world of clowning.

First let me take a moment to introduce myself; my name is Russ Kennedy, a professional clown and magician for over 20 years. I have many great adventures and experiences as an entertainer….. and some not so great.  I love to share these stories with others to help them on their journey down the road of professional clowning. Over the past couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of writing articles for you nice folks right here on the Clown Antics website. If you haven’t read any of our articles about clowning or viewed the clown guide, pop back to the website and take a peek, I’m sure you’ll find some helpful tips and have a few laughs. The blog will give us a chance to share things that just might not fit into an article but are important just the same, also we can give you updates more quickly on new products like face paints or clown props.

So please check back often to see what’s on our blog and go to the Ask The Expert page with any questions or things you would like to hear about on the blog post.



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your makup looks great – my clown name it HOEBOE

larry gray

Looks great

larry gray

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