What are the Different Kinds of Face Paint?

For face painters who are just starting out, the choices between different kinds of face paints can be overwhelming. It's hard to know what will work best for you and your event without trng everything and that can get expensive! Here's a guide to the different kinds of face paint that are available to and safe even for childrens' tender skin.

Using these paints, you can paint all sorts of exciting designs on kids' faces. They wash off easily, and store conveniently, until it's time to bring them out and let the fantasies come to life again.

Cake Face Paints - Like the old-style (and still widely used) theatrical pancake makeup, cake style makeup is easy to transport, store, and apply. It lasts a long time and won't dry out. To apply it, you simply add water, mix it a little, and sponge or brush it onto the face. Available in individual colors and in multi-color palettes for savings and convenience.

Liquid Makeup - This is a water based face paint which comes off easily with soap and water. It's usually offered in very bright colors, which tend to mellow a little when you apply the paint to your face.

Crayons - These are cream based crayons that make it easy for clowns to bypass the brushes and simply draw directly on the skin. They are a good choice for a beginner, since a pack of crayons comes with several commonly used bright colors, they are inexpensive, and they don't require a special technique to apply.

Dry Glitter - A sparkly finish can be the perfect finishing touch to a clown face. Glitter in loose form; you can just blow it onto the wet paint on the child's face and watch it start to shine. With this fine powder, you can add just the right layer of sparkle to your face.

Glitter Gels - Gels are an easy way to apply glitter exactly where you want it, rather than cover the entire face with it.
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