What Do I Need to Apply Face Paint?

Before you get started designing and applying face paints, you will need a few supplies at hand. Naturally this can be bought online, but in some cases, there's no need to go out of your way. You probably have the items right there in your home. Here are some things you'll need to get started applying your face paint:
  • Face Paints or Crayons - Obviously, the first ingredient for painting your face is paint. Paint comes in two forms. You can get it in a palette and apply it with a brush or sponges, or you can get face paint crayons, which simply draw the colors on. Some people use a cake makeup as a base to cover larger areas, and use the crayons or brushes to draw finer points such as highlights or decorative details.
  • Sponges - These makeup sponges can be bought at any variety store in the makeup department. They are used to paint broad strokes, such as those used for applying a base color or filling in outlines. Have several of these on hand to use with different colors, so you don't have to rinse out your sponges with every use.
  • Brushes - You can use a regular soft paintbrush to apply details such as eyebrows, beauty marks, or stars. These are also ideal for fine lines such as outlines, patterns or textures, and highlighting lines. You should also have several of these ready for use with different colors, and wash them all at the end.
  • Tissues or wash cloth - You'll want something at hand for modifying what you put on your face that is, to wipe off extra makeup where you've gone too far or to remove something you're not crazy about. Usually some dry tissues or a dry washcloth will suffice for this, but you might also want to have some warm water on hand if you have to start a whole section over from scratch.
  • Water - Have a small bowl of water nearby so you can wash one color off your hands before you start another, or so that you can fix mistakes.
Now that you have everything you need, you're ready to begin painting faces and bringing kids' fantasies to life.
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