What's Up with Filbert the Clown?

Meet our Giveaway Winner, Filb... wait... It's Filbert the Clown aka Garret Sherman from a few months back! 

I guess this awesome clown does not need any introduction as we already met him in one of our previous giveaways in which he shared his winning clown routine. You can read his story here. Watch his clown routine here

But if you have not met him, then consider this your lucky day! 

Hello again fellow clowns, it’s Filbert again. What luck, am I right?

Well, Mogi and I have been traveling around performing our ministry show “Yahweh is the Best Way”. Most recently in Georgia at an archery program!

Lots of fun was had by all! I have been very busy preparing for a weeklong clown education program held in Kentucky, and two shows in Tennessee!

I have been learning new balloon art from Halaloo the clown, and I have recently won one for our side and introduced clowning to a young fellow (incidentally his name is also Garrett)!

That’s about it,.

Until next time I win, LOL!

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