Where is Peach E. Keene?


Mimi the Clown was born here in Tunisia. She doesn’t say a whole lot, mostly because she doesn’t speak Arabic very well, and her costumes are thrown together from the weekly markets, which are full of produce and used clothes. When I buy the wild clothes, the vendors give me strange looks. One time, after finding some great clothes for Mimi, my daughter and I stopped to visit a friend. Along with the gift of hospitality, Tunisians are also gifted with curiosity. Our friend wanted to see what I bought. Ahh! The look on her face when I pulled out the odd-looking clothes that were meant for Mimi! She didn’t know what to say!


But enough about Mimi! I want to talk about Peach E. today. Before moving to Tunisia in November 2009, I was known as Peach E. Keene. Peach E. loved to do skits at church. She was always welcome and well-received. My church family was very supportive of Peach E., even supplying finances sometimes for me to go to weekend clown schools.


I was reminded of some of my favorite gags when I read a recent Clown Antics article. (See Gags and Giggles). I really miss being able to use things like brown ‘E’s, pink ‘I’s, and black ‘I’s.


I also remember the fun of making props that I had heard about at the clown schools. I had my very own ‘prescription’ glasses and ‘Contact’ lenses. It was easy to create a skit using these homemade props.


I remember asking the Lord for skit ideas in my morning quiet times. I would be laughing out loud as I wrote down what I heard in my spirit! The Holy Spirit has a great sense of humor and gave me a lot of material! I am still dependent on the Spirit of God.


Clowning was a great way to get messages across. The audience can be laughing one minute, and getting hit with a powerful truth the next, and it is mostly in visual pictures rather than words.dsc_0117 Then the Spirit led us to Africa. Peach E. gave Mimi her wig and makeup bag, and Mimi learned how to be funny without word play and puns.

I wonder who will go back to the states with me: Peach E. or Mimi the Clown. Glad I don’t have to think about that; Mimi and I are happy here.


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I thank you oh so much for sharing your story. God recently laid it on my heart for me to start a clown ministry. I am 51 years old and I have several disabling isusses. I really could not understand why on earth God would want me to honor him in this way. I have seen a glimmer of light around the tunnel and decided to give it a try. Your story fueled my fire. I marched in the local town Memorial Day Parade Last Monday and I was so well received. I enjoyed meeting the people, talking to them Young and old.

Margarita Clewett

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