White Face Contest Winner


Hello everyone and thank you once again for the great response we had to the White Face makeup contest. At this time we introduce to you the winner, Kristin Powers. Kristin is an artist turned clown from much encouragement from her husband (also a clown) who saw the clown within her. Kristin was kind enough to share her journey into clowndom, so without further a delay here is Kristin’s story.



I have been a clown and face painter for 2 years, and I hold two first place awards in face painting from international conventions. My husband Ky introduced me to this world and taught me all about it. He’s quite an amazing painter and clown as well! My first degree is in traditional canvas painting, so face painting was easy for me to pick up. I’ve always loved dressing up and costuming- I feel more myself in a tutu and covered in glitter. My husband saw a natural clown in me, even though I’d never considered it. When I realized clowning allowed me to be the silly, rainbow-haired, goofball I naturally am,I knew he was right!

I love being able to connect with children and bring a little joy in their life; I feel like I’m doing good in the world by adding to the “global joy quotient.” My day job as Kristin Powers (my real name) is pretty awesome too; I work at the educational software company Voyager Sopris, and I design online lessons and games for struggling learners. I get to contribute to the potential of a child to become a successful adult. Being a clown allows me to combine my playful approach to learning with my love for costumes and paint. Having lots of experience teaching to large audiences and giving lectures helps too!

I make lots of my own costumes, but my favorite outfit was made by a fellow clown named Akessi for the International La Feria de la Risa clown convention in 2014. I really love the look of Mexican clowns–it’s like the cartoony fun of anime mixed with the clean, classy look of Japanese geishas. For my makeup, I use a white base I got from amazing clowns in Mexico ( They have the best stuff!). The paint is Paradise from Mehron and Wolfe FX. I did all of the work with sponge and brushes. My face painting work can be found at Painted Mistress https://www.facebook.com/PaintedMistress and my clown work at Kitsune the Clown https://www.facebook.com/KitsuneClown. Kitsune is Japanese for “Fox,” which is related to my trickster, snarky clown persona. My husband’s clown name is Kat, so together we are Kit and Kat.1596954_10152733758370675_1704522309800669221_o


What a great story of her journey to become a clown, thanks for sharing with us Kristin. I love that she gave new ideas to clowning by incorporating some of her other interests and hobbies. Kristin truly has the heart of a clown and is inspired to make people smile through her many talents.

Stay tuned for our next big contest!

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