Whiteface Clown Contest


IMG_0007 - CopyIn the clown hierarchy, the white face is at the top of the list, the boss clown if you will; therefore it’s fitting that they get first run at a makeup contest. The white face, for those who do not know, is typically the most coordinated of the troupe in costume and makeup design, in other words of a neat appearance. The whiteface clown character has also been used for company mascots like Twin Pines Dairy had Milky the Clown, which is more of a Metro Detroit thing, and of course Ronald McDonald of the McDonald’s franchise. The whiteface clown is probably the image that first comes to mind when many people think of a clown. IMG_0003 - CopyDerived from early Grecian theater, the whiteflace clown has gone from a sovereign theater character, to a more fun loving goof with a bit of respectability. As you will see through our contest, folks will lend a variety of styles to the whiteface clown.

The Contest:

If you haven’t heard we are having a contest for the best whiteface clown with a first place prize of a $100.00 Clown Antics gift certificate. Click here to see the details. Maybe you are not a whiteface but know someone who is. It would be so awesome if you told them about our contest, the more the merrier as they say!

So far we have received quite a few contestants and some very good looking clowns I must say, it will be a tough call picking a winner. We still have a few days left and we would love to see even more contestants. Don’t forget that even if you don’t enter, you can vote for your favorite clown.

Stay tuned for the results where we will feature our winner and runners up in a blog post.

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