Wicked Witch Face Paint

We all know the busiest season of the year for us face painters is just around the corner – HALLOWEEN !



Having said that, here is a wicked witch face paint – step by step tutorial, sure to be enjoyed and modelled by moms out there !

For this wicked witch face paint, you will need the following products:


Diamond FX White
Snazaroo Black
Snazaroo Bright Green
Snazaroo Lime Green


Aqualon Brush-#1
Majestic Round Brush-#3
High Density Sponge (Cut into half)

Step 1:

Using your 1/2 Sponge, load it with Snazaroo Lime green and apply it all over the face. Go over the centre of the neck also So that the face and neck look even.



Step 2:

Now, take the other side of your sponge and load it with Snazaroo Bright Green.Dab it along the apples of your cheek all the way diagonally till the chin. This uses the same principle as contouring. Now contour the eye sockets ( both on the eyelid and below it ) and lastly contour the corners of the forehead as showing in the image.



Step 3:

Now switch to your #1 Aqualon brush and load it with Snazaroo black. Squint your eyebrows as if you are angry, and simple use the creases as the starting point for your witches eyebrow. Start with a flick inwards and gradually curve as it goes outwards and then end at a steep. Ensure that this eyebrow is higher than your actual eyebrow.



Step 4:

Continuing with your #1 Brush in black, paint on little flicks onto the witch’s eyebrow to make it look semi realistic. Now add a little curve on the bright of the nose coming from the right eye and add a flick from the left eye onto the bridge of the nose. The purpose of this is we are trying to create as many creases to give the witch an old and evil look. Now load your brush with more black paint and paint it onto your eyelids and below the eyes.With your finger,drag the paint messily to shade and give it an extra spooky effect.



Step 5:

Continuing with Aqualon’s #1 brush, paint two lines on the bridge of the nose parallel to each other. From the end of these lines, outline the curves of your nostrils following the natural lines of your nose.Add wiggly lines with black paint from the starting point of the nose outwards, doing this on both sides.

Now add a few creases on the forehead to indicate the witch frowning.Do this by actually scrunching your eyebrows and trace the creases that follow. One you paint your thin black lines. Take a dry brush (any) and just shade the black making sure to blend only towards the top and not bottom.



Step 6:

Continue with your #1 brush and load it with black paint, now paint two curves starting from the inward bend on your nose forming two “U” shapes to indicate the witch’s saggy cheeks.Again, take a dry brush and blend the stern lines (this time towards the bottom) to shade it.Shade more near the corners of the nose as opposed to the outer end of the U.(As seen in the image).Paint two more curves from the midpoint of the “U”s on the cheek, this time curving towards the mouth.Repeat the same for the other side.Repeat Shading with a dry brush.

Now paint a steep U right below your actual nose. This is the tip of the witches nose, made to look longer. Paint the U starting from the centre point of each nostril.



Step 7:

Now Taking your Majestic #3 brush, load it with a mixture of bright green and black paint (to achieve a dull dark green), and paint on a smiling mouth starting right below the witch’s pointy nose. Paint on a wide U shape for the bottom of the mouth.
After that, dip your brush into your water to clean it and this time load it with bright green only. Paint on the Witch’s tongue (following the same shape as the mouth). Now outline the entire mouth with your #1 brush in black paint.



Step 8:

Continuing with your #1 brush in black,add a few extremely light and thin black lines on the apples of your witch’s cheeks.These lines don’t have to be straight as they are meant to be wrinkles so try and wiggle your brush as you paint them.

Now load your #3 brush in Diamond FX white, and add little squares to the bottom of your witch’s lip. (Shown in image).
These teeth don’t need to be perfect squares as they are meant to look crooked and uneven. Also add one triangular tooth to the upper jaw of the Witch’s mouth.

Switch to your #1 brush and load it with white and add highlights around your forehead’s creases, above the eyebrows,at the top crease of the nose,and on the bridge of the nose. Also add small highlights in white to the Chin. Paint these just above the green wrinkle strokes on the chin.



Step 9 - Final Step

With your #1 brush , load it with black paint and paint the bottom of the Witch’s tongue (the part right above the teeth).
Do this carefully so as to not paint of the squared teeth. Paint in between each tooth and then finally add tiny black lines on each tooth starting from the bottom. ( this is just to give it a shabby and dirty look ).
Finally you can add a circular mole on the Witch’s cheek. Paint this as a circle (but not perfect) and then add a few flicks from it to indicate tiny hair. ( This step is optional but i felt like it really enhances her overall look ).

I also used a Witch hat as an accessory.

Happy Painting !:)

Wicked Witch Face Paint Design


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