Winter break

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The holiday season has come and gone and we are left waiting to see if old Mr. Groundhog is going to give us an early reprieve from winter. This time of year often means clown shows and face painting gigs slow down to a crawl; what a perfect time to go through the wardrobe, makeup, props and other gear to see what needs mending and replacing.


If you spent the summer marching in parades or just a lot of time on your feet, you may have worn holes in your favorite pair of clown socks. This is the prefect time to treat your tootsies to some new socks…. maybe even try out a new style. Personally I like to make sure there is a back up pair on hand just in case I have a blow out during the busy season.


Makeup certainly is not an item we want to be scrambling for as the shows start picking back up. Take this time to go through the kit, clean things up and see what may be running low or even just out dated; don’t forget the eyeliners and setting powders too. How is the old schnoz looking these days? If it is looking dull from adhesive residue, a quick clean job with remover can get back the old luster. But if you’ve taken one too many pies to the face it may just be time for a new clown nose.

Face painters, this is the time for you to go through your kit as well, you may be running low on that shade of pink all the little girls must have or the red to paint the guys up as the webbed avenger. Don’t forget the brushesglitter and stencils too, all-important parts of the face painting supplies.

Check over the accessories as well, gloves, bibs, collars, suspenders. All of those little things matter too.

Your props and tricks should not be left for the last minute either, check through to see if everything is up to par. Sometimes during the busy season we overlook items that might be worn or tattered, eventually the will wear out and we don’t want that to be during a show. Is it time to reorder those twisting balloons? Get them now and keep them in a cool dry place so they are ready for the up coming season.





If we take just a little time during the slow months we can avoid undue stress and worry as the busy season gets underway.

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