Wipe That Smile Off Your Face

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Your makeup up is almost done, everything is perfect, just have to do the eye brow and…….ugh it smudged!


What clown hasn’t run across a makeup mishap that throws the whole look off, even more frustrating is when you are almost finished with your entire face when the goof happens.

Don’t get your bloomers in a bunch, you won’t have to start from the beginning as long as you have this little tool handy with your makeup kit. We’re talking about the amazing new product that fixes boo boos in a blink of an eye.

This revolutionary device makes cleanups of all kinds easy as 1-2-3 and no batteries are required! Developed from advanced scientific studies and numerous field tests, no one should be without this state of the art cleaner. Act now and this break through product can be yours for one very low price! What is this futuristic, miracle product!?! Baby wipes of course!

 I like to call these little gems “magic erasers” as they can quickly clean up almost anything and they are gentle on the skin. If it’s good enough for a baby’s bottom, it’s good enough for your face. Best part of all is they are sold almost everywhere.

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Baby wipes are perfect for cleaning up edges of your clown makeup before you add in the next shade, for instance around eye and mouth edges. If you go a little over the area of skin you want to cover with a certain color, a baby wipe will give you a clean line usually with one swipe. This is also true even if you have already set and powdered your makeup, one can easily clean up the area that got smeared, smudged or otherwise messed up without disturbing the entire makeup job. Once the area is clean you can do your makeup repair.


Face paint artists can also benefit from keeping baby wipes on hand to quickly clean up a messy face before they start their artwork or to erase an entire face paint if so desired. Wipes are also handy keeping the work space neat and tidy. Whether face painting or applying other types of makeup, often there are smears, spills and smudges left behind. A baby wipe can quickly clean up the area helping to avoid having makeup on clothing or other items not fit for makeup. A wipe can also be used to clean makeup brushes prior to putting them back into your case. Thoroughly cleaning brushes once you get home with the proper brush cleaning products are still recommended.


Some of my clown friends will actually have baby wipes soaking in baby oil ready to use when they remove their makeup after a clown gig. I find the alcohol free wipes are more gentle to the skin especially if you are using them frequently. Baby oil helps break down the clown or stage makeup aiding in the removal process. A good skin cleanser or soap and water will still be needed to clean the skin thoroughly. If you use a clown nose  it is likely makeup can end up on the nose no matter how careful you are, a wipe can give your nose a nice clean shine before heading out to perform.

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We hope this little treasure helps make your in the makeup process a little more efficient, so don’t leave home without them.

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