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Clown attire is really a fun topic, with all the wild colors, patterns, and wonderful accessories, the sky is the limit when putting together a wardrobe. One of the most noticed items in a clown’s attire is their shoes and this unfortunately is the place where many clowns fall short. a46122

Recently one of my dear friends who loves clowns and magic was asking about the cost of my shoes. Knowing that I have more than one character and several pair of shoes he imagined it being quite expensive. I assured him although some of my shoes do cost a few hundred dollars, I started out with a more affordable pair of clown shoes. As a matter of fact I still use less expensive shoes at times when I wish to spare my good ones from possible abuse and less than desirable terrain.

Some clowns use a wild pair of tennis shoes which not only are comfortable and look good but can spare the pocket book a bit. As a matter of fact Tippy wears over sized, red, Converse tennis shoes and they actually work perfectly for his look.

Here at Clown Antics we carry a variety of affordable clown shoes, so let’s jump on over to the shoe section and have a look.


Vinyl shoes come in at the lower end in the mid $20.00 price tag. These are a descent start up shoe with a moderate life span. They are not built to last but if you are only clowning once and a while for fun then will work. They are a one size fits most.


Clown Tennis Shoes have a cool look and offer about the same life expectancy as the vinyl shoe. They have a fun look and are still priced under $30.00



Mary Janes are a cute look for the lady clowns with fun patterns or a soft pearl look. They do fit up to a large women’s shoe size and still come in under $30.00. These are a moderate life span but with proper care can give you many repeat uses.


The Leatherette shoe is the top of the line when it comes to affordable clown shoes. These are quite durable and with proper care can last for a long while. We carry a few styles to help match your wardrobe. I have made many recommendations to beginner clowns to buy this type of shoe and those that did were very pleased. With a price tag still under $70.00, this shoe really gives your wardrobe a much more professional look.


Shoelaces: Many of the clown shoes will require a longer lace and we have 54″ laces in variety of colors including rainbow. Some of my friends change out the laces sometimes just to give the shoe a whole new look.


Tips: Gel inserts, aqua socks, slipper socks or small tennis shoes can be worn inside some of these clown shoes to give a better fit.

Bottom line is if you need to keep a tight grip on the budget, these shoes will help.


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