Your fathers mustache

Stan C. Wolnic Vaudevillian and mustache mogul.

Stan C. Wolnic
Vaudevillian and mustache mogul.

I remember watching shows like the little Rascals and love hearing the old slang lines like “ahh your fathers mustache,” which was to say you didn’t believe a word of what you just heard. Well you can believe me when I tell you that we have a section called new arrivals and there you can find some new fun things like, props, makeup and well…. mustaches.

You can find this tab at the top left corner of our website under the quick link box. There you will also see links for coupons, contest page and new clowns helping you jump over to the area you are most interested in to find what you need in a flash.

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Currently featured in the new section you will notice quite a few items in pink, like socks, giant pink Afro and a giant foam cowboy hat. All of these items are perfect for the events for Breast Cancer Awareness, which October was breast caner awareness month. However we know that fundraisers go throughout the year.


New makeup and add on items like sparkles, glitter and tattoos can also be found in the what’s new section making it easy for you to stay on top of the latest trends in face painting and clown makeup.


Before we go let’s get back to this mustache business. Sporting a mustache has been a thing for men throughout the ages with a variety of styles coming and going. The more fancy mustache like the handlebar has come back around especially in the Steampunk crowd; ladies have even taken to sporting finger mustaches for selfies. We have a variety of faux mustaches just for fun or costuming needs.

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So don’t forget to check out what’s new from time to time and keep up with our ever-growing product line.


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