Noise Makers, Whistles & Squeakers

Noise Makers, Whistles & Squeakers
Silly noises and sound effects are an important part of any clown act, and add a dimension of silliness that gets people laughing. Our whistles, noise makers, and squeakers offer some of the classic clown sounds, but don't be afraid to be a little bit non-traditional, too. The glass-shattering sound effect of the Crazy Joke Hammer can startle a chuckle out of even the grumpiest adult, and once you work a yodeling pickle into your performance, you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Our wide selection of noise makers and clown squeakers help you appeal to your audience on every level.
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Wooden Train Whistles
Harpo Style Bulb Horns
Mosquito Whistles
Squeakers - Medium
Plastic Train Whistles
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Laugh Bags
Laugh Bags N11741
Kazoo N1170
Squeakers - Large
Cow Voice Noisemaker
Yodeling Pickle Prop
Watch Winder Noisemakers
$4.50 $3.60
Siren Whistles
Mini Giggle Stick
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Squeakers - Small
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Clown Slide Whistles
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