How to Make your Custom Socks


1. Choose your sock color.

You can choose any of the available colors we have in the choices.

2. Choose your pattern color.

  1. After you've chosen your sock color, you are now given choices for the pattern color. Only specific colors are available for each sock color.
  2. Patterns include Stripes, Spirals, Checkered, Dots, Hearts, Paw Prints, Zebra Print, and Stars.
  3. Each pattern has its own listing. To find the other pattern choices, click here. 

3. Add text on your sock (optional).

  1. You may add a TOP text or SIDE text on your socks.
  2. The number of letters is limited depending on the sock size (vertical).
  • Quarter Crew - 3 letters
  • Crew - 8 letters
  • Knee High - 10
  • Thigh High - 15
  • You may choose the color of the text. Just make sure that the text is contrasting well enough against the pattern and sock color for best results. 

4. Preview your design.

Make sure that you like your design. If so, tick the checkbox to proceed.

4. Add to your cart.

Enter the number of pairs you would like to order.