International Shipping Terms and Conditions

International Shipping TERMS & CONDITIONS:

  • Order internationally at your own risk. If your order is confiscated, delayed in Customs or lost and you want a replacement order, you will be charged for a new order including shipping fees.
  • Delivery time to most countries for Priority Mail or First Class Mail is less than 2 weeks, but packages can take 4 to 6 weeks or longer to be delivered. If your package is not received after 2 weeks, check with your local customs or postal offices as the package may be held there for collection of taxes or fees.
  • All Taxes, Fees, and Custom Duties are your responsibility. Please check with your local customs office before buying to see what is permitted and if there will be a tax or fee involved so that you are not surprised.
  • We will not falsify labels or documents. Please don't ask us to mark your purchase as gift or undervalue the purchase on the custom forms. We can not legally do that.