Magic Hat Routine

One of the best tricks for your money is, the Hat Loader (Clown Antics carries the E-Z Hat Loader here). This wonderful gimmick packs small, plays big and is easy on the wallet, coming in at the $10.00 range.

Presentation: The magician asks the audience if they want to see something pulled from the hat, the answer is always yes. Explain that you use magic confetti to help with this trick. Show your hat empty, pull out the can of magic confetti and sprinkle some into your hat. Make a magical gesture, and immediately produce items from your hat like streamers, silks and even a glass of milk. After the last item is produced, tip the hat upside down and with a shower of confetti, the hat is again empty.

Step No.1
Step No.2
Step No.3
Step No.4
Step No.5

What you get: The hat load consists of two gimmicks and a couple of props, you must supply the hat. First, the confetti can upon examination has two secrets. The top is just about 2 inches deep, this holds the confetti making it appear to be a full can. The bottom of the can is where your load is hidden, notice the hole, you place your thumb here holding the load securely   inside the can. The second gimmick is the milk glass, this is not real as you will see up close. The glass is the load in which your production items are placed. The Hat Load also includes two paper streamers and a wooden egg. I have replaced the paper streamers with rainbow silks and sometimes substitute items like balls or a yo-yo for the egg. Basically, anything that fits into the milk glass can be produced from the hat, so let your imaginations run wild.

TIPS: Make sure your hat is deep enough to hide the glass load. When you load the hat, simply bring the can over the hat for a moment and drop the load in. This can be done as you are gesturing.