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Amerikan Body Art Creme Glitter - Orion (15 gm)

Amerikan Body Art

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Amerikan Body Art Orion Glitter Creme is a mix of purple, green, orange, silver & red sparkly glitter perfect for ultimate glitter body painting. See all available colors here. 

Glitter Creme is cosmetic grade polyester glitter in a waxy base that can be used by itself or along with face paints. Apply easily using fingers or a flat brush, filbert brush, spatula or silicone glitter applicators (glitter gel applicator or detail glitter applicator). When applying over large areas, use a sponge or wedge. While the application is durable, it is not water proof or smudge proof. Glitter Creme can be removed using a paper wipe, followed by soap and water. Comes in 15 gm size.

Glitter Creme is made of mostly 0.008 hex fine polyester glitter, but has small amounts of 0.025 hex glitter for extra dimension. While it is safe to use for body painting, caution is recommended for use on face. Not recommended for use near eyes, especially for children.