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Art Factory Abyss Chunky Glitter (10 ml)

Art Factory

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Art Factory Abyss Chunky Glitter is made of loose, cosmetic grade polyester glitter in higher particle size, for application on hair and body. Art Factory Chunky Glitter is a mix of holographic glitter colors and shapes that can be used to create amazing body art. Comes in 10 ml jar. Actual weight might vary by color, as glitter colors vary in density.

Abyss is a mix of blue glitter particles of different sizes and shapes, perfect for a range of colorful designs.

Chunky Glitter can be applied directly over wet face paint designs. Alternatively, apply glitter glue on skin and apply the glitter over it. This method is great for more durable glitter applications. Chunky glitter can be mixed with a cosmetic gel base to create glitter gels. Chunky glitter is easy to remove, by wiping off with a makeup remover and following up with mild soap and water.

Not recommended for use near eyes as glitter can get into eyes. Not recommended for small children as the glitter can be smeared into their eyes.