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Art Factory Festival Glitter - Dragon Scale (50 ml/1 fl oz)

Art Factory

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Dragon Scale Festival Glitter by Art Factory, is a green glitter gel made using a mix of different colors and shapes of chunky glitter, giving face painting artists a wide open range in creative face and body designs. Festival Glitter is made in the USA using cosmetic grade, polyester glitter that is safe to use on skin and face.

Contains 50 ml or 1 fl oz of product. Jar is 1" tall x 2.25" wide.

See all Color Choices in Festival Glitter as well as Glitter Gel Bases for refreshing dried out Festival Glitter

Festival Glitter gel has excellent sticking power and offers a great level of control in application. Holographic reflective glitter provides sparkling rainbow effects in sunlight. Glitter can be applied easily using a silicone spatula or filbert brush. Can be used on hair for creating glitter roots or for creating glitter chests. Festival Glitter can be easily removed with soap and water.

Recommended Applicators:
Art Factory Silicone Glitter Gel Applicator
Art Factory Studio Detail Silicone Glitter Gel Applicator

Festival Glitter is a special FX product and should not to be used on eye lids or too close to eyes. Not recommended for use on children as there is chance of glitter getting rubbed into eyes. Store at normal room temperature as too high or too low temperature can change the gel consistency.