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Art Factory Glitter - Fuchsia Rainbow Jewel (.5 oz)

Art Factory

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Art Factory Fuchsia Rainbow Jewel Glitters can be used for glitter face and body painting. These crystal glitters are opaque and are perfect for glitter tattoo stencils. If you are looking for iridescent glitter, check out Rainbow Crystal Glitter. 

Rainbow Jewel Glitter is cosmetic grade polyester glitter that can be used by itself or along with face paints. Rainbow Glitter can be poofed over face paint designs when it is still damp or can be picked up using a brush or applicator and patted over. When applied stand alone, apply a layer of gliitter glue or glitter gel on skin and then poof glitter over it. Glitter Applications can be removed with soap and warm water.

Rainbow Jewel Glitters are made without any metal ingredients, making them safe to use on skin. Comes in 0.5 oz poofer bottle. Size indicates volume and not weight as weight can vary based on density of particles. See all available colors here.