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Art Factory Glitter Glaze Face & Body Paint - Red (1 oz)

Art Factory

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Art Factory Glitter Glaze Red Face & Body Paint can be used for glitter face and body painting. See all available colors available here. 

Glitter Glaze is a glitter gel that can be used by itself or along with face paints. Apply using a flat brush, filbert brush, spatula or silicone glitter applicators (glitter gel applicator or detail glitter applicator) by Art Factory. Apply in one direction, avoiding back and forth motion. Glitter Glaze can be painted over your face paint designs to add glitter elements or can be used on its own as a paint. Glitter Glaze designs can be outlined with face paint if desired. Glitter Glaze takes about 10-15 minutes to dry, hence not recommended for very small children. Glitter Glaze can be removed with soap and warm water.

Glitter Glaze is made in USA using FDA compliant ingredients and is not tested on animals. Comes in 1 oz (30 ml) size.