Ben Nye MagiCake Build Your Own Palette (9 colors)

The Build Your Own MagiCake Palette option lets you choose 9 Ben Nye MagiCake Colors that we'll ship you with an empty case w/insert, just arrange them however you like and you're ready to paint.

Case Dimensions:
Interior: 12.25" Long x 9.25" Wide x 1" High; 311 mm Long x 235 mm Wide x 25 mm Wide
12.5" Long x 10.25" Wide x 1.25" High; 317 mm Long x 260 mm Wide x 32 mm High

Ben Nye MagiCakes Aqua Face paint is a cake makeup that is ideal for face painting events and for creating designs. It can be applied either dry or wet. When it is activated by water, it blooms to an intense, highly pigmented color and dries quickly to a flake resistant finish that lasts. Apply it dry over a face paint design for translucent highlights. 0.77 oz/22 gm MagiCake Face Paint gives approx. 100-200 applications.

Please note that Build Your Own products are excluded from any of our ongoing promotions, as they are already discounted compared to buying the face paints and palette separately.