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Betallatex 260B Nozzles Up Balloons - Deluxe Black (50/pack)


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Nozzles Up Betallatex (NUB) Balloons are neatly packaged with all nozzles up in one direction, which helps with organizing your balloons in your balloon bag, ready to use. Betallic NUB balloons can be pulled out easily during performances or events. Nozzles Up Balloons are compactly packaged, which allows ballooners to store more balloons in the same storage space that held fewer balloons from normal packaging. Contains 2" x 60" - Deluxe Black Balloons, 50 in a pack.

Multi color assortments can be found here.

Holes on the top of packet allows for easy hanging on peg boards. Environment friendly packaging uses less plastic and is recyclable.

Please be cautious around small children due to chocking hazard. Not recommended for children under 8 years.

Betallic Nozzles Up balloons are made of 100% natural rubber which is biodegradable. However this makes them not suitable for those allergic to latex.