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Magic By Gosh Foam Clown Nose - Black (2")

Magic by Gosh

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We proudly stock 2 inch Black Foam Clown Noses from Magic by Gosh. Each non-latex foam clown nose comes split and ready to be hollowed out for a comfortable fit.

Foam Noses may not stay on for an active clown show, but they make great handouts for group photos or just fun. You can also adhere sponge noses with light adhesives, such as spirit gum, liquid latex, or double stick tape. See our complete line of Adhesives and Removers, too!

Note: To keep your costs down, some foam products are condensed for shipping. If you receive a foam product (like multiple foam noses) that have been flattened for shipping, simply open them up, spread them out and they will return their original shape within a few hours.